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Tree surgery or arboriculture is the management of trees and shrubs and involves working with trees where in general amenity is the primary objective as opposed to forestry that cultivates trees for timber.

An arborist or tree surgeon is someone who carries out arboriculture. We consider ourselves tree surgeons as well as arboriculturalists. The difference being that they are not only trained and qualified to work with the tools and machinery needed for tree work; they are also trained and qualified in the best forms of tree management practice.

As with any service you can try and attempt the job yourself however tree surgery is really not a job to attempt without being qualified and experienced; using chainsaws, working at height and hanging from a rope makes for a highly dangerous situation. We have a lot of training and experience as well as appropriate equipment for the task in hand. We can advise on where and when to prune and can recommend suitable trees for planting.

It depends on the work you want carried out. The tree has been protected by the Local Planning Authority (LPA) because they have deemed it of significant amenity value; its beauty, prominence, and history to the local area. This means that most work to most trees covered by a TPO must not be undertaken until prior written consent from the LPA has been received. Serious fines of up to £20,000 can be incurred for work on a TPO covered tree without permission. Free Range Forestry can perform the relevant checks to discover whether there is a Tree Preservation Order on your tree and where possible will help you with the application process.

The Local Planning Authority (LPA) has deemed that the area you live in is of special architectural and historic interest. This results in all trees regardless of species being protected under the Conservation Area if the tree’s diameter is more than 75mm at the height of 1.5m. If you want to carry work out on a tree you must notify the LPA and they will take 6 weeks to come to a decision. Like working on a tree protected y a TPO there are serious fines for working on a tree without consent from the LPA. Free Range Forestry can perform the relevant checks to discover whether you reside in a Conservation Area and can obtain the required permission on your behalf to carry out the proposed works.

Of course you can keep all the wood and woodchip produced from your tree – it is yours. If you would like we can cut all the wood into a specified length log and also split it. Woodchip can be used an excellent mulch to suppress weeds or use in your garden.

If you don’t want the logs or woodchip we can we can take everything away.

This is where it is vital that you use a qualified arboriculturalist; we use ropes and pulleys to safely lower the tree down in sections to avoid roofs, fences or any obstacle beneath the tree.

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