Tree Planting

We can recommend the right tree for the right place

In this line of work it is always rewarding to plant trees. If a tree needs to be removed we can provide suitable recommendations for a replacement. From single specimen trees to specialist planting projects, we can supply, plant and relocate trees.

We can recommend various species of trees right for landscaping, hedgerows or woodlands. Once a tree or hedge has been planted we can provide after care to ensure it thrives for years to come.

We could even help you to plant some high rotation coppice woodland such as hybrid Willow, so you could have a continuous supply of firewood for years to come.

What Our Customers Say…

We own three small woods and carry out a lot of work ourselves, so Faircloth Forestry (Now Freerange) only tend to get the tricky jobs! Their skills and knowledge are seriously impressive and their advice invaluable. I would recommend them without hesitation


I was very impressed by Free Range Forestry. They are efficient and hardworking. At all times they explained what they were doing and gave excellent advice on woodland management. I recommend them and will certainly use them again.


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