Tree Surgery

We can undertake all aspects of tree surgery. Our tree surgery is always carried out to a very high standard, in accordance with British Standard 3998, by fully trained and competent staff.

Tree Pruning

  • Crown lifting: removal of lower branches
  • Crown thinning: general pruning of the whole canopy, often used to increase light levels and reduce shading
  • Crown reduction: reducing the overall height and spread of the tree. This is often used to address structural defects or contain trees were insufficient space exists
  • Re-pollarding: pruning to address weaknesses introduced from old topping points
  • Tree Dismantling: allows the removal of a large tree in a confined space

Tree Removal

  • Removal of dangerous trees or branches
  • Tree dismantle

  • Tree felling: this is a highly skilled technique for causing a tree to fall in a specific direction in a controlled manner, using a series of cuts at the base of the trunk.

  • Site clearance: if a tree needs to be taken down then we can also grind the stump out


What Our Customers Say…

We used Paddy and Rich to cut down an ash and lower a hedge for us. They were very friendly, did an excellent job for a competitive price. We'd recommend them highly.


I can confidently recommend Free Range Forestry. The work they undertook to reduce the height of an oak and elm tree was carried out to a professional standard and the area left clean and tidy.

Bovey Tracey - April 15, 2017 

Paddy and his team at Free Range Forestry were excellent - we would highly recommend them. They were very reasonable price - they did a few extra tasks at the time but still charged us the original price. They were extremely efficient and knowledgeable - they gave great recommendations to replace the tree we had to cut down. They chopped all the wood and even stacked it neatly in our wood shed. They did a great job of tidying everything up at the end of the job. We would have no hesitation using them again in the future


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