Woodland Management

We have the experience and skills to help with small scale woodland management. We have worked with ecology firms to install bat boxes, customers who have wanted to achieve a small woodland garden and larger woods which have needed to be thinned for their own longevity and to produce firewood. There are huge benefits to managing woodlands correctly:

  • Wildlife habitat
  • Recreation and health benefits
  • Aesthetically appealing landscapes
  • Biodiversity management, erosion control
  • Forests managed correctly can provide sustainable timber for wood products
  • Preserving forests as "sinks" for atmospheric carbon dioxide

We provide various operations to enhance or produce higher returns from your woodland. We provide woodland surveys and management plans so you can see the possible future of your woodland. We can help you to reduce costs of woodland operations by assisting in your application to the Forestry Commission to access money through their grant scheme http://www.forestry.gov.uk/ewgs
Below are some of the woodland management operations we provide. If it is not listed it doesn’t mean we don’t provide the service; please call or email for further details of our extensive services:

  • Planning a woodland: Whether you would like an orchard, a woodland for amenity or a commercial woodland planned with a timber management plan, Faircloth Forestry can help you plan a woodland to fit your needs. We take into consideration soil types, altitude, wind intensity and aspect. Most importantly we can recommend suitable species that suit the ideas you have in your head.
  • Brush cutter clearance: Land and woodlands can become over-run with species such as brambles or invasive/pioneer species that you don’t want in your woodland, e.g. Holm Oak or False Acacia. Use of a brush cutter or clearing saw can stop these species out-competing the planted trees or stop land becoming inaccessible.
  • Planting: This is a fine art, it is an overused phrase but ‘right tree in the right place’ does still hold true. It is understandable that you may want a copper beech growing in your garden, but this should not become a reality if your garden is too small to accommodate the mature size of the tree. We can recommend what tree to plant, when to plant it and how to plant it, we can deliver the trees to you and use local tree nurseries. We can plant from whip to standard sized trees and will recommend which is more suitable to the site.
  • Weeding and beating up:  In large woodland plantations within the first 2 years beating occurs to fill in any blanks that may occur due to the failure of some trees to survive. To avoid the loss of trees and the need for beating up, thorough weeding must take place until the trees can out-compete the weeds. Unless newly planted trees are fitted with strimmer guards hand weeding and spraying are best to avoid damage to trees.
  • Thinning: This is the removal of trees in a woodland to allow more space for the better form trees on the site to proposer further. For example a piece of land may be able to accommodate 1000 oak saplings but only 10 fully mature oak trees. Therefore the timing of thinning will depend on the species and rate of growth. Thinning should not be delayed as the quality of trees may weaken or they are unable to respond when thinning eventually takes place.
  • Felling: There comes a time in a tree’s life when ultimately it needs removing. Generally in forestry trees can be felled in one. However there are times that tree surgery is required to stop for example, high quality trees shattering as branches hit the ground first when being felled. Faircloth Forestry provide trained chainsaw operators to fell trees manually or provide contractors with harvesters and forwarders to clear or thin a woodland.


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Very good service from experts who were happy to tailor the job to my requirements. They worked quickly and cleared up afterwards.

Would not hesitate to recommend and use again myself.

Clyst St Mary - March 31, 2017 

I was very impressed by Free Range Forestry. They are efficient and hardworking. At all times they explained what they were doing and gave excellent advice on woodland management. I recommend them and will certainly use them again.